Usually, people connect weed with snacks, lying on the couch and watching TV all day long rather than playing sports. However, there is a very interesting link between using marijuana in your workout routine.

Since the recent legalization, weed is becoming more mainstream and an increasing number of people are now starting to incorporate weed into their daily routine.

Moreover, many athletes use cannabis as part of their diet, as there are many benefits of using weed for working out.

If you’re interested in the effects of weed on your body and mind during physical activities, read on to find out why cannabis may actually be beneficial when incorporated into your workout routine.

How Cannabis Affects Your Performance

Although we know more about cannabis than ever before, we still need more studies on the effects and benefits of weed on the athletic side.

The effects of marijuana may be hindering or enhancing. Depending on the type of workout you are planning to do, and the amount of cannabis consumed, these effects may vary.

When it comes to the benefits of consuming weed when working out, it’s recommended to use it in smaller doses. This way it may be beneficial before, during, and after your workout. There are both physical and mental positive effects of using weed.

If you’re before a competition or race, consuming weed may allow you to get more focused and achieve that competitive state of mind. After a workout, weed is good for muscle recovery and relaxation. Plus, marijuana relieves pain and stress after the training.

Micro-dosing is Key

As mentioned, consuming weed in smaller doses is crucial when it comes to your workout routine.

When micro-dosing, you should get no more than just a few puffs that will give you a nice, long lasting vibe. You won’t get high as you’d usually be after smoking a joint for recreation, but the small amount should be ideal to increase focus and energy right before your workout.

Fast Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery

If you’re working out, you’re probably aware of how the recovery after the training can help you with future performance. Marijuana may actually be beneficial when it comes to recovery due to the presence of cannabidiol.

This cannabinoid comes with a number of therapeutic effects.

CBD improves our immune system while decreasing inflammation. Additionally, it helps with healing and recovery by stopping seizures and muscle spasms.

Want to avoid inflammation and pain? CBD prevents muscle sores, so using pot before the training may help you prevent aches and pains.

Speaking of which, many professional athletes are now starting to use cannabis, as it helps them recover faster once they’re done in the gym. They claim that weed helps with their recovery.

According to studies, CBD may provide a number of health-promoting effects, while THC may induce post-workout muscle recovery and growth. Thus, the key to keeping your workout routine balanced lies in using a combination of both cannabinoids.

Fun And Focus

Using cannabis before the training may increase your focus, making your workout definitely more enjoyable. When micro-dosing pot before exercising, you can get more power to do your workout routine. Plus, weed will give you this amazing vibe and a state of mind that is perfect for focusing on the repetitive tasks.

Professional athletes confirm than using cannabis allows them to complete their training routine with a better focus on a particular task while exercising. Additionally, pot can obviously turn your training into a more fun activity, as it promotes a positive mindset.

Protecting Your Health

Since cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties, it may protect your lungs, heart, and brain during and after injury. Although we still need more studies in this area, CBD appears to have neuroprotective properties, and researchers are starting to develop possible treatment options for a range of neurodegenerative conditions. These include brain injuries of sports concussions.

Because both THC and CBD induce positive mood and help to get rid of negative emotions, cannabis may ease your pain and relax your central nervous system, helping you recover faster.

Although many people believe weed impacts negatively our lung function, it’s not true. Marijuana may actually improve lung function, and many athletes confirm they smoke pot to keep their lung in shape during their career.

Wondering how? Even when smoking one joint daily you won’t impact negatively your health. In fact, taking deeper breaths during smoking weed may improve your lung function!

Weed, Metabolism and Weight Loss

Although it may sound unbelievable, weed can help you stay in shape. As it turns out, cannabis comes with some compounds that can lower your cholesterol level, increasing your metabolism at the same time.

In fact, obesity levels are lower among marijuana users, according to a 2013 study. Plus, regular use of weed may be beneficial if you’re looking for a way to lose weight. Usually, stoners are less likely to develop diabetes and have definitely less weight-related problems. Additionally, regular marijuana users have significantly lower BMIs.

Marijuana In Your Workout Routine: Final Hit

Although people usually don’t combine training and weed together, it turns out using pot on a regular basis may come with positive effects. However, keep in mind that marijuana affects people in many different ways, depending on their experience and their organism.

All in all, the key to incorporating marijuana into your workout routine is to mind your tolerance and start with smaller doses before finding your perfect amount of weed to go with before exercising.